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Loose Changeling: A Changeling Wars Novel - A.G. Stewart

I usually like my urban fantasy pretty dark. Loose Changeling by Andrea Stewart is both serious and funny. In this case, the humor caught just the right balance for me and enhanced the story. I love the opening and how quickly the main character (Nicole) is thrown into heaps of trouble. I liked all the layers of her obsession with her job, her failing marriage, and all the supernatural craziness thrown at her.

Other reviewers have already mentioned how action-packed this story is, but what I really like about it is how it still does a great job of balancing that action with character development. I really rooted for Nicole, even though she was a tad bitter at times (though justifiably so!). I loved that Nicole couldn’t do magic without her cheating husband around. Talk about conflict!

I’m looking forward to the next book in the series!