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The feeling of dread never stops.

The Winds of Patwin County - Richard S. Crawford

Wow. I love this story. The voice, the characters, the mood. All of it pulled me in and never let go. As soon as I started reading Crawford’s story I couldn’t stop until I was finished. The writing is so vivid, the characters so real and different from each other.


I love reading stories with horror elements as long as the story also delivers on character. I was hesitant about what could be developed over the course of such a short novella (about 40 pages). Not all the characters were likable, far from it, but all four story threads are fascinating and fast-paced.


Beware—this is a horrifying story. I felt all of the horror elements really contributed to the story. One of the characters cusses a lot and talks in sexually explicit ways a few times. I felt it was appropriate to his character-building and such an interesting contrast to the other male characters who were written very differently, but I wanted to mention it since not everyone would feel the same way. It worked for me.


This is horror at its finest—tense, with a feeling of dread that never slows down. Crawford does such a good job here, the story will linger with you for days.